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Web analytics is defined as a term in which the impact of a website on its users is measured. The E-commerce companies and other website developers who optimize the websites often make use of this term, Web analytics by using various kinds of related software so that they could measure the concrete details of the website like how many people visited that site and how many visitors were unique and what process they followed to visit that site, for example, if they followed a link to get to the site or came there directly. This information is quite useful for every businessman and e-commerce companies so that they could improve the design and make some changes in the site and products so that user could feel ease on the site to get information or the required item for which he is using keywords etc.

We at MAAC Chandigarh, train our students in a way so that they could do a deep analysis of any website by using latest software so that the user could get informed regarding the performance of his website. This analysis is quite helpful to put efforts to raise the traffic on the website. We train our students to make them able to do analysis to find the vulnerabilities through live projects so that they could understand the real world that how user make a thought and what kinds of keywords he uses to visit the site and how much time he spends on the site, how he make payments or queries etc. We are known for providing best web analytics training in Chandigarh.

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