Email Marketing

Email marketing is known as the process of sending commercial messages, mostly to a group of people through email. Here, the email we send to a potential or our current customer is considered as email marketing. These kinds of emails are drafted to send advertisements, business requests, sale exhibitions, discount alerts etc. so that the existing customer could get aware about the latest products and a kind of awareness could get occur in public. The email marketing is occurred by using a purchased lead list or by using current customer database.

At MAAC Chandigarh we train our students in email marketing with our best efforts through live projects so that they could know where they put mistake and how it gets fixed in the given time so that the client could be satisfied. Our experienced staff put his best efforts to teach each of our students to draft commercial emails so that the clients could visit the given link of the product. These emails are mostly sent to the existing customers, thus, we train our students to write in a simple and polite way so that the customer could show his positive attitude in his reply or action. This is the reason we are known as the best email marketing training provider in Chandigarh.

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