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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new term, as this is the oldest forms of marketing in which you refer to make able to visit any online site to get the required product. Here, when that user who visit the referred site and buys the required product, you as agent or affiliate receive some percentage of the amount user spends, known as a commission. Here the online shopper visits a site to buy an item, he is directed towards an affiliate site from where he is redirected towards the merchant’s site.

Here the shopper buys that item for which he visited the affiliate site and redirected towards merchant’s site. The merchant gives a reward to the affiliate, as he made efforts to attract customer and redirected towards the merchant site

Here, the whole game is dependent upon the affiliate who creates advertisements and attracts the customers and pushes them to the main merchant site. This is a quite interesting method to make the product popular in the market.

We, MAAC Chandigarh, known for the best affiliate marketing training institute in Chandigarh and it is quite popular in the region and the surrounding areas. Here, you become perfect in affiliate marketing through our well-designed course in Affiliate marketing. Each of our student who did this course is well placed in MNCs and earning good by doing smart work.


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